Indian National Congress and its contributions towards India

Subhas Bose famously stated that Congress is not interested in freedom, only they care about is power. The narrative is 200% true. If you have studied Indian Independence movement, Indian Religion and reforms and economics and reforms post independence you would see Congress was absolute waste. Congress was formed by Allan Octavian Hume post in 1885 with the prospective to have a moderate representation so as the stop the likes of nationalistic moments like army mutiny in 1857. Early Congress leaders were mainly english educated and had a liberal and moderate views, their demand was never for complete freedom but they only wanted limited power in return praised the Queen and the crown. British on the other hand were happy to throw away small pieces of bread to the congress leaders, instead the common people would have an idea that British were liberal and all the agitations would be directed at the Congress. During the era of Gandhi, he practised ahimsa, he burnt english clothes, he asked people not to purchase english goods but that was only a show off. Let us understand English men were no longer traders, their main source of income was from revenues from agriculture and industries, that was not hurt. 
Also Gandhi never pushed for Hindu Muslim unity it was the narrative of Subhas Bose he wanted a Hindu-Muslim unity to fight for the country. Gandhi maintained his hindu line of politics but he never wanted the unification of different classes. He rather was happy with the class and caste divide in Hindu society. His idea of reform was to throw penny at the poor and they would be happy he never wanted the empowerment of the lower classes, rather he used the “harijans” as a mechanism of polarization. it was RSS and Hindu Mahasabha who wanted the whole Hindu society to be united but Gandhi was opposed to that. Gandhi marked everyone opposed to him as dangerous. He termed The likes of Bhagat Singh’s as misguided youths, Congress and Gandhi wanted Indians to fight directly against Subhas Bose. But instead they wanted Indians to fight and sacrifice their lives for British in WWII . The founder members of RSS and Hindu MahaSabha had been from Congress but ever since Congress found they become a threat to them in vote bank politics with their majoritarian politics as opposed to the polarization politics of Congress they were termed as dangerous to the Indian ideology of coexistence. It is noteworthy Congress never maintain the same stand they had with the Hindu organizations with that of Muslim League. Infact Congress agreed with the 2 nation theory of muslim league, in spite of the fact that Muslim League never had the support of common people of India. Muslims fighting for Gandhi was also a lie, they were were more concerned about Turkish Caliphate than they were about the freedom of India. The Khilafat movement had nothing to do with Indian Independence it was all about reinstating the Turk Caliphate. 
Post Independence Congress stayed and worked as slave of the Russians. India did not open their market for the world because Russia did not wanted that. India survived on the age old machiners of defense from Russia. Nehru and his Fabian Socialism was a total failure. Only after the fall of Soviet Union when Indian Government needed a new master to throw bread at them, they opened the Indian market for foreign goods but by that time India did not managed to have industries to import kept on pounding leading to higher dollar value and costly oil prices. 
But even you look at the stages after Independence India had made a better progress when power shifted from the hands of Nehru dynasty. India did well under Lal Bahadur Shastri, VP Narasimha Rao, Morarji Desai, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and now India had made substantial improvement under Mr Modi. Congress also allowed the Communists to grow because 1. Communists were never threat to them in grasping power. Because communists practised anarchy and never was accepted by a larger mass to govern them also 2.Communists were given a free hand so as tho please the Russian masters, in return Communists have helped Congress mostly.