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Life of million men cannot be forgotten by studying Shakespeare

Was playing  Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties.

In the Indian campaign there was a Captain, “Naquib”. He was loyal to the British until he finally realized their treacherous motive.

This again led me to the same thinking what have British done to us.

Many advocates that British opened the gate of western education for us. The notion is totally wrong. British always wanted India to be divided in caste, creed, religion. In Fact it was very well established plan of Britishers which lead to the 1) Rise of Muslim League 2) Moderate Congress Leaders – who spoke of Indian interests but without contradicting British interest so that common people may not support Extremist Nationalist.

British never opened the gate for Western Education to India, but yes they did educate some with British education . There is a difference to that.. British wanted Indian education to be limited to English literature.As much as it may be fascinating but it has to be understood its just an language. Ability to communicate in English is not a major achievement. Yes its a global language because England was able to capture many countries of the world. Else English is not some language with a rich history. Its essence was just restricted to medieval period. Moreover with time the British English is getting replaced by American English.

Real education is not limited to learning or speaking English. Real Education is the knowledge of Scientific inventions. Knowledge of the commerce and manufacturing.Which was hardly passed to Indians.

The main objective of British was to tear India with civil riots and while they may continue to get support from few resourceful natives, who had the ability to sing praises for the queen.

The few improvements that Britishers did in India like building roads and railways was for their own good so that they may continue to administer over the vast lands with ease.

But it has to be agreed upon that few distinguished Englishmen did tried some reform for the Indians but only as individual.

Now with all the given improvements can we sing the song of British greatness with what they have taken from us ?

Its like Lord Voldemort presenting a magical arm to Peter Pettigrew, which in so many ways would be better than a real arm but that arm will choke him to death if he thinks of going against Voldemort.

Life of million men cannot be forgotten by studying Shakespeare.