The Small Talk

Asu, a housewife is friends with Ronit, a young man, with flair in art and literature. They have a habit to chat with each other in Facebook usually after the dinner. But for last couple of days Asu was not present online. But finally, they got chance to catch up online. 
Asu: “Was a bit sick. Could not get in touch.” 
Ronit: “You ok now” 
Asu: Don’t know May not survive anymore, and that might be a favor in fact. 
Ronit: “Freedom from life will not be that easy for you. You know that? You have to survive much more” 
Asu: “Let see then” 
Ronit: “You know there are many writings in Bengali literature in this subject?” 
Asu: “I am just a bong by birth. Stayed away from Bengal in major part of my life? How am I supposed to know Bengali literature?” 
Ronit: “Ok you see if you want to know the best use of Bengali language you would need to read ‘Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’. To go into the depth of relationship you need to study ‘Rabindranath Tagore’. And to connect with simple lives of Indian middle class society you will need to follow the works of ‘Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’ that’s the three pillars of Bengali literature” 

Asu: “Like in so many other subjects, your knowledge in Bengali literature is infinite as well.” 
Ronit: “Have collected few small pebbles on the shore of a vast ocean, which no one ever can swim across” 
Asu: “Do you drink?” 
Ronit: “I drink from the challises of life” 

Asu: “Can you ever talk straight leaving your philosopher’s clock aside? You understood what I meant, right?” 

Ronit: “I did. But tell me first why would you ask?” 

Asu: “Don’t know you are talking so much about literature, you have a broken heart just drinks will put you in the same seat of your favorite writer, Sarat Chandra Chattejee’s creation ‘Devdas’” 

Ronit: “Never drunk in my entire life” 
Asu: “You are such a girl” 
Ronit: “That did not offend me. Girls are wonderful creations of God. You know how?” 
Asu: “Don’t think you will let me without explaining. Will you?” 
Ronit: “No chance.” 
Asu: “Proceed then ” 
Ronit: “You see, you love tigers, don’t you?” 
Asu: “No it will eat me” 

Ronit: “Shut up. Everyone likes tiger. And it’s because its mysterious. Dangerous yet mysterious. Same goes with girls they are mysterious. Greatest saints have fallen for them, noble poets have written songs for them. You know someone quoted that ‘you can never completely understand a girl and if you try there are chances you would fall in love with her” 

Asu: “You are done now?” 
Ronit: “Ya sure” 
Asu: “Good. Because I have to cook now” Ronit: “Will you come back?” 
Asu: “No!” Ronit: “Ok. Bye” 
Asu: “Will continue with the class tomorrow.” Ronit grinned and wrote “bye” 

Next day followed with another usual chat between Ronit and Asu. And at usual time. 
Asu: “Sorry had to leave yesterday.” 
Ronit: “Only to come back today” 
Asu: “Ok. And what is that supposed to mean?” 
Ronit: “Nothing. You understand metaphysical aspect of life?” 

Asu: “No. Hardly understand anything you speak. But yes, it mostly sounds nice” 
Ronit continued “Sun sets today but will rise tomorrow again. Isn’t it?” 

Asu: “Will you get married this year itself?” completely changing the subject. 
Ronit: “I am going through a broken relationship. You know that.” 

Asu: “Not a problem your parents can arrange your marriage sooner. You are an Indian boy and your parents will not let you stay alone.” 
Ronit: “Chances are rare. I am happy with my life. I don’t think I am getting married at least not any sooner.” 
Asu: “let’s see” 
Ronit: “Met Taniya today, she is here in India, was with her daughter. Her daughter is really cute looks totally like her.” 
Asu: “Ok! So, the status you gave on Facebook about meeting a cute baby girl, was actually about Taniya’s daughter? It appeared to me that it was some of your ex-girlfriend’s daughter” 

Ronit: “My only ex with whom I could have met has not yet conceived till I was in touch with her and I had information about say 6 months’ time.” 

Asu: “Wow. You have quite a number of ex-girlfriends” . 
Asu continued “What did she say, Taniya?” 
Ronit: “Well nothing just asking when I would get married and all and I said I am going through a break up.” 
Asu: “You did?” 

Ronit: “Yes. Either way people keep on asking sooner they know it’s better.” 
Asu: “Congratulations!” 
Ronit: “Why?” 
Asu: Don’t know. I am bit out of my mind. 

Asu: “Let’s play a game. Let’s see who can stay without pinging the other person. The one who pings first loses and have to agree to the other person throughout the life” 

They kept silent for few minutes. And then Ronit replied back. 
Ronit: “Ok you win. I don’t have any problem listening to you however at this moment my intentions are only to speak with you.” 

Asu was glad and made it sort with just writing “ok.” 
Ronit: “So can we discuss the metaphysical aspect?” 
Asu: “O God please no” 

Ronit grinned. 

Asu continued: “I found a girl commenting on your Facebook status try her she seems nice” 
Ronit: “She is just a kid.” 

Asu: “Will you get married to an Aunty, silly?” 

Ronit: “No but at least of same age. And either way in my office I am like a big brother to all’ 
Asu: “There is no hope for you” Asu gave up. 

Ronit continued: “See, frankly I don’t want to fall in love and apart from sex there is nothing that I need from any other women. I can talk to you and have parents at home so I don’t need to connect emotionally with a new person hence I don’t see the need to be in a relationship just for physical needs.” 

Asu: “Ok, I have a question, who is going to meet your sexual desires?” . 
Ronit: “As of now my hands are in charge.” 
Asu: “That’s totally disgusting.” 
Ronit grinned. 

Asu continued: “See even if you get married just don’t become a spineless husband. I have seen so many guys who promise to stay friends throughout the life and the very next day they get married unfriend all the old women friends. I mean we are all human and if you talk with somebody that’s not a big deal. After all, just speaking with someone, how those can hurt anyone. Hope you understand.” 
Ronit: “Ok, will see that when I get married but there is a big ‘if’ in it” 
Asu: “Ok I need to move now. Dhruv is home now. Have to serve him dinner. Can’t just sit and talk like you. Have to work you know. That’s a woman for you, you silly males!” 

Both of them exchanged goodbyes and signed off smilingly.