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Why Kashmir Separatist movement and Bangladesh liberation war is never same?

Pakistan has long tried to project that Kashmir separation movement and Bangladesh liberation war is different sides of same coin  but both are entirely different for the following reasons : 
1. Kashmiri separatist movement being spearheaded by organizations like hizbul mujahideen, lashkar-e-taiba..Most of these organizations are designated as terrorist organization by UN and other international bodies…Whereas Muktijoddhas were never regarded as terrorist organization by any foreign body. 

2. Kashmiri terrorism is funded by Pak ISI. It is state sponsored terrorism as proved several times and there has been considerations to declare Pakistan as terrorist nation in many foreign countries..Whereas Bangladesh liberation war a spontaneous movement by people of Bangladesh ..India joined in much later after murder of 25 lakh lives and rape of 5 lakh women…After Bangladesh was freed the abortion camps saw huge queue of women to put it in a very gentle tone 

3. Not a single nation has officially supported kashmiri separation moment whereas Muktijoddha fighters had received emotional support from many foreign countries. 21st February is celebrated as International Mother Language Day, which marks the acceptance of the struggle of Muktijoddha fighters in international community.  

4. Bangladesh liberation war was result of oppressions like operation searchlight and Urdu imposition … Kashmir was never imposed anything even today we have article 370 for kashmir….And both Dogri and Urdu are official state languages of India….. 

5. Almost entire Bangladeshi mass supported liberation war.. Whereas about 12-15% people of kashmir supports separation from India.. More than 50% votes are polled in each general elections in Kashmir proving the acceptance of democracy by the Kashmiri population.
6. Liberation war support was unanimous in Bangladesh…Only few districts of Kashmir is involved in separatist movement…. 
7. Bengalis are ethnic people of Bangladesh they fought for liberation war…Kashmiri separation moment is supported mainly by Mirpuris who are not ethnic people of Kashmir…The original inhabitants are Kashmiri Pandits who witnessed ethnic cleansing and exodus of their community…..