Crimes against women in Uttar Pradesh yet again

Why crime against women continues to rattle time and again in Uttar pradesh. UP has always found itself on the top in social violence. Be it crime against women or gangwars. Recent brutal gangrape of a girl in hathras has sent chill down the spine of everyone. The cruelness and brutality unleashed  on the victim is matter of greater concern than the crime itself. This is not the first time, even during Unnao gangrape case similar brutality was unleashed on so called dalit woman. The culprit managed to escape death sentence even after nation wide furore. Eye brows were raised when police had to to encounters against criminals to stop their menace. The problem lies somewhere else. Uttar pradesh has a terrible history of having caste intolerance where most of the offenders are found from so called upper caste. These kind of people find themselves more superior than others and are filled with hatred and try to dominate the poor with muscle and money power. Everyone knows how the famous bandit queen phoolan devi was also a by product of social injustice and caste intolerance. Lack of proper education can also be a factor for violence and crime. Rural UP still lacks proper education infrastructure and facility. Unless the ugly head of caste and racist thinking is crushed things will not change. Politicians from all parties have to come together regarding such racism and castism. Violence and crime cannot be contained with violence alone. Social awarness and counselling centers can also be helpful in minimising crime. Unless people get united against caste, race or religion criminals might continue to target their prey easily.

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