Is Corona deadlier from other know diseases?


Ever since there been news of a new virus “Corona” the first thing everyone did maybe was to check about it on the internet.

And as of today, it is no hidden fact that more lives are lost in many epidemics and hunger.

Simple flu affects around 650k people globally.
In India near about 80k-1lakh people die of flu/influenza/pneumonia every year.

But how is Corona different?

Do we really need to worry about it?

The answer in one line is “Yes”.
When most nations are worried about it, when India being a developing country is ready to sacrifice its growth rate and go into lockdown it’s commonsense it’s serious.

But the question is how is Corona deadlier than flu?

Thing is flu no matter how deadly it is the fact stays we have survived it for more than 100 years. And even though it claims much life we already know much about it. Also once we have the summer the flu cases more or less come to halt.
Also, the mortality rate of the flu is around 0.1%.
And there is a vaccine for the flu.

Corona, on the other hand, is new.

Nobody is much sure about it. The virus seems to be going through a mutation. Mortality rate of corona is around 2.2% – 2.5%.

There is no vaccine yet. Even we have something very quickly distributing it to a huge population globally would not be possible.
Corona has spread rapidly it has affected more than 800thousand and more than 24k is death.

Even if we consider that 2% of people die from it and others will be safe, there is another equation.

Corona affected patients are being provided with ventilation.
India is a country with a 130 crore population.
1% of the population is 1.3 crore. 0.1% of the population is 13lakhs. If 0.1% of the Indian population is affected with corona 90% will die without any treatment as there are not that many ventilators available in the country.
It’s simple mathematics. Now do your calculations…

It’s not that no one knows anything. There is a reason behind actions. Stay home stay safe as someone wisely suggested prevention is better than cure. And keep hoping for something positive.

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