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If you are made the campaign leader for a particular political party. How will you use your leadership skills to motivate your party men to ensure success of the party nominee in the elections? (Focus on the individual, motivate and apply leadership style).

Leadership skill is something that influences other member of group/party/people towards a goal decided by a leader. Manager tries to set effective planning and policy, but leadership quality required to implement policies and to be adopted by employee or follower. If I am a campaign leader of particular party, then my goal to ensure success of that particular party and to motivate their party nominee for effective strategy for success. To be a good leader, -I have to adapt myself to situation and local condition -I have to adjust myself to any condition for local campaign -I have to give dominant and assertive speech -I must be aggressive towards goal -I have to control my emotion -Decision power -My speech should be to the point and fluency in speech -self confidence -I have to boost my intelligence level by reading history and latest books and novels -Social participation First I have to set up a meeting with party nominee, give them effective, confident, motivating speech and good discussion about current situation. Then I have to suggest them which topic should be used in which way to get attention of people. My body language will remain strong in every speech that will make my image stronger. I have to connect with people in their traditional way, so that they will feel homely with me. I have to find out local problem by interacting with the society. I have to assure them about their problem that they will be look after. I have gather information about weaker side of opponent strictly related to public life only. Then I have to direct my party nominee to raise the point of local issue, connect with them, stick to your decision and not change frequently. I have to find out local problem and one common problem for country for each nominee and ask them to spread effectively and this will bring their win definitely. I have to adjust myself to local culture for local nominee campaign.

In modern era, there are few new concepts in leader ship those are branding, technology and rough decision. Branding means I have to make my image popular by my work, showing my good work to people by constant advertisement, by local conference, seminars

in which I have to show my activity and goal for future.
Technology is one by which people connected easily as a human. I can’t reach each and
every place frequently, but by technology I can connect many human beings simultaneously. That will also show my intelligence level in understanding of technology.
Currently, Gujarat’s Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is using the same in
their campaign very well. Rapid Decision making ability in any situation makes the leader powerful and popular among the people. I can use branding and technology simultaneously to show my intelligence level as well as to ensure my party men that I am strongly working for campaign. That will create belief in them that if they work as I suggested, they will surely wins the battle of election. I can connect to each party nominee by means of conference call frequently and guide them for local problem. In short, an energetic, intelligent, fluent, highly technical and motivational speech among party nominee electrifies their working capacity and ensures them win.