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If you are working in a super market, what techniques/ tools you will use in data collection. How are you going to analysis the data and make inferences? How will you finally apply your market research to improve sales and win over customers?

n super market, we are selling different product of different brand to customer/consumer. We are basically dealing with consumer goods. So consumers satisfaction is must to increase sales. In Data Collection, we should focus on various factors affecting Consumer Behavior.
Consumer Behavior Model INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT
Marketing Stimuli
1. Product 2.Price 3. Promotion 4. Distribution Channel
Other Stimuli
1. Economic 2. Technological 3. Political 4. Social
Buyer Characteristics
1. Psychological 2. Personal 3. Cultural
Buyer Decision
1. Process
Buyer Action
1. Product Choice 2. Brand Choice 3. Dealer Choice 4. Purchase Timing 5. Purchase Amount


1. Culture 2. Sub-culture 3. Social class

1. Reference Groups 2. Family 3. Roles and statuses

1. Motivation 2. Perception 3. Learning 4. Beliefs and attitudes

1. Age and life cycle stage 2. Occupation 3. Income 4. Personality

Study of above factors,
output and finding out the buyer’s demand and requirement leads
to growth. After deciding about above factors, input, output and process for super market, we do Randomized Control Trial by selecting random consumer residing nearby store, coming to the store as per decided sample size. After selecting sample (Group of Random people/Consumers), we ask them different question related to above model. For Example: 1) Religion, way of Festival celebration, tradition, culture, social class, economic status 2) Age, Sex, occupation, income 3) Family members, role in society, role in company, group activity 4) Product choice, brand choice, importance of branded product, quality assurance, price affordability, more of delivery-from shop or home, technological equipment in store, store design, product arrangement etc. After collecting data from group of people, we short out them accordingly age group, sex, and income groups. We then prepare excel sheet to fill data, prepare charts. From that we analyze the mind set of consumers, their sense about brand, their requirement of product category, service requirement, and technology up gradation requirement by statistical interpretation-1. Multiple Regression 2. Cluster Analysis 3. Factor Analysis After interpretation, we make effective marketing strategy and build a plan according to consumer response. But research does not end here. We will start experiment of the new ideas. We do continuous observation on strategy. Study goes on. Consumer friendly environment, consumer friendly services and consumer friendly products in Super market let consumers to make regular entry. Proper Advertisement as per research interpretation leads to good outcome