New normal might not be feasible for all

New Normal

New normal is the term what we are more often hearing since unlocking has begun. New normal has come up with many guidelines which looks inappropriate and seems impractical in India considering ground realities. We have a huge population with very high population density in most cities, perhaps higher than anywhere in the world. Moreover most people in India severely lack health and hygiene knowledge and the culture of cleanliness. Covid-19 has exposed how fragile and helpless we are against the deadly global pandemic. Even after failing to check the spread of the virus within a definite period of time we have been compelled to unlock and open up. Countries like Australia, France or Sweden can afford to remain unlocked but it was not feasible for third world country like India to remain in lock down for long period of time. Situation had gone such worse that if lock down is extended more people will die of hunger and poverty than from covid-19. Being in such crucial environment hearing about new normal guidelines might seem like a distant dream for a particular section of our society who are financially deprived. Anyhow we need to focus on better treatment and immunization. However, we have to try our best in maintaining social distancing in public places, wearing face mask, sanitizing our hands. Since there is no other way and we are still in question mark regarding a viable anti corona drug or vaccine. Authorities and officials are trying their best to handle the situation but not with much success. Ultimately it is the question of safety and threat on the health of the common man who is out in the road for his livelihood.

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