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The present state of recession in the IT Industry – as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning at Macro Level to tide over this crisis?

In concepts of Management, there are many
“Ms” i.e. Men, Material, Machines,
Methods, Money, motive. Most important is MEN (HUMAN)
as rest of “Ms” are moves
around humans. Human is prime asset of organization to work uniformly and to achieve high target. Hence, Human as a resource of organization must be managed. Today is the phase of global economic crisis. Hence there is a recession period in major field. This recession affects almost all the fields especially IT field. To overcome this situation, we should plan and to undertake an effective human resource policy at macro level. Focusing on IT industry: -we should plan Human Resources to overcome the crisis 1)

decide Objective and Goal:
– For IT organization, we should plan long term objectives and goal – We should
match employee’s salary with estimated income
– To expand the market with encouraging the employee to launch new product to increase income from extended market coverage – We should recruit quality employee by short out process, this will help rapid growth of company 2)
Estimate the Future Man Power Requirement:
-This is the most important step, we must estimate future requirement of man power roughly to prevent over employment as this will lead to increase investment unnecessary and lead to recession in future. Proper balance between investment and outcome is must to gain profit without affecting quality of product. – Forecasting also based on factor of economic cycle such as inflation, raw material cost etc. – It should be done periodically

Auditing Human Resources:
– We must gather data of present employees about skills, experiences, Qualification, Salary, work – This will help to analyze future requirement, unskilled employee, and unqualified employee as IT industry needs updated employee 4)
Job Analysis:
-After Gathering all data of current employee, we do their job analysis.
What they are doing? What work they have given for organization’s grow
th? What wages they are paid? Anyone require to be trained? How many are burden to company? – From this we can plan future requirement and present up gradation for new vacancies. – We can judge which particular skill or qualification is lacking and to be recruited on priority basis like software maintenance, software development, antivirus, cyber security, hardware maintenance, service delivery to customer etc. 5)
Develop final HR plan:
– Final step is to develop effective Human Resource Plan to recruit new employee or to train existing employee. -utilize local man power to reduced High pay burden for service delivery to customer for particular product -check availability of part time labor -plan good recruitment process to get best and deserving candidate The economic crisis has touched every industry and profession, thoroughly altering the hiring setting. Increased unemployment, and lowered profits have change the way workers are hired and fired, and considerably demand the need of Human Resource Planning. We can conduct primary research among HR and recruitment professionals to come out with a picture of how companies have acted and reacted, as well as recommendations on how leaders can take a proactive approach to staffing for the future.