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How will you influence people to strive willingly for group objectives in your organization (target based industry)? Apply your interpersonal influence through communication process towards attaining your specialized goals?

To influence people for group objective several organizational factors must be kept in mind to achieve target: * Goal must be common and consistent throughout project and accepted by all member of group and discussed properly before implementation, so that error should be corrected and mental capability of team member can be judged. * Team concept must be supported by Top management and commitment towards objective is required by all team members. For that active participation of self is desired. * To give responsibility in well-
defined manner, after judging each member’s ability and
work efficiency * Both real and perceived power delegated to the teams. * Mutual accountability for team performance. * To recognize and establish reward system for higher target. * Majority team member designated as Manager or Dy. Manager in their respective role, as mental theory suggest that leadership feeling in individual improves work efficiency and his will to work hard increases. The Leadership responsibility may be given to team member for specific objective or goal of the team’s mission. In some cases, leadership may shift to different team members on a rotating basis. * Proper Team Building: –

Right qualified members –

Clear Direction to members –

Member must be connected and have access to all department of organization –

Everyone must agree to basic concept and goal of team –

Everyone must adhere to basic policies –

Every member has proper training –

Every member must be positive for allocated target

Team or Group of People is not always best structure to get desired target effectively. Manager must decide about work efficiency as a group of employee before making team structure for particular target. Hence proper communication among team is must. Good employee communication is essential to good teamwork, but few employees may have “communication anxiety.” To overcome this, proper training, repeated meeting and communication sessions are require simultaneously with Team Building process. Goal is something which needs to be approached, achieved and moved forward to. Communication is the passing on of ideas and information. Communication provides bonding element among team members. Proper and clear communication at all level of management is must. We can influence our people very much by way of communication. Communication is indispensable in any workplace. That can be done by Face-to-Face; Written; Email; Voice mail; Text Messaging and Instant Messaging. Each requires involvement by the sender and receiver to be effective. To set up good communication model in team is prerequisite to maintain team unity. Model must be easy, precise and language used must be known by everyone. Communication must flow bi-directional. Higher authority’s message must reach to root worker and root worker’s problems,activity and work information must reach to higher authority to maintain integrity of team and solve any problem quickly. Communication must serve a purpose related to planning, decision making and evaluation. Communication must flow to the end without by passing any member. Repetition of message improves the effectiveness of communication. To maintain the communication cycle, repeated meeting with team member about 1) Input 2) Processing 3) Output-Target Achieved, is required. By this, we can know any surprising element from process, take an action in further choice and make better effective change in plan. In meeting, effective group discussion, suggestion or feedback by members, seminar by member who has achieved good target will influence final target in positive way.