Instant Family

Instant Family

Instant Family is a 2018 U.S. Hollywood family drama comedy movie.
Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne played the lead roles in the movie. Instant Family was released on November 16, 2018.

The Story


Pete Wagner played by Mark Wahlberg and his wife Ellie Rose played by Byrne didn’t had any kids. They enrolled in a foster parent support group. However they were not sure of adoption.
Karen and Sharon were two social workers who used to run the foster group. In other words they used to provide guidance to the parents.
The couple Pete and Ellie met Lizzy. Lizzy was a teenager. The couple,
however were hesitant about adopting any teenager.
Lizzy told Ellie that teenagers are hard to handle so no one wants to adopt teenagers.

Instant Family
Instant Family

Build Up

Pete and Ellie got impressed talking to Lizzy and that made them wanted to adopt her. After that, Karen and Sharon let them know that Lizzy’s mother was a drug addict. Lizzy’s mother set their home on fire so she was made to serve a sentence After that, the couple were also informed that Lizzy had two younger siblings. One of them was a boy, the other one girl. After that, the couple met the siblings. Pete accidentally broke the kid boy’s nose while playing with him. The meeting was not an instant hit.

Pete and Ellie met Ellie’s family on a dinner. The family weren’t very supportive of the couples decision of adopting child. In addition to that they were worried. But Ellie and Pete got determined.


After that, the couple took Lizzy in addition to her two siblings Juan and Lita in their home. Both of them started living together. They were excited at the first. They were very happy. But the honeymoon period was short lived. Things got messy. For instance, Lita showed her disobedience in almost every thing. Firstly, She would make huge drama in shopping malls. In addition to that she would refuse to eat anything but potato chips. And Juan was accident prone. And in addition he used to get nervous in every situation.

Instant Family
Instant Family

Turmoil & Acceptance

But with time Juan and Lita accepted Pete and Ellie as their parents. Juan called Ellie “mom”. Juan was having a nightmare. Ellie comforted him and put him back to sleep. And Juan called her “Mom”. Lita called Pete “Dad”. Pete fixed Lita’s doll. Lita called him dad after that.


But Lizzy was the problem. The couple had problems handling the teenager.Once she was grounded because of coming late from a friends hangout. Also she didn’t called or texted Pete or Ellie. Then she called her friends over. Her friends insulted Ellie. And Ellie asked them to get out of her house. Ellie made them to jump of the window in addition to that.. Lizzy went out of the house. Pete was chasing him. Pete was working with Juan before that . Jaun accidentally nailed his feet. Everyone rushed to hospital.

Pete’s mother got alone with all the kids very nicely from the start. She was excellent in handling all the kids. Lizzy was fond of her, too.

Lizzy was once caught sending nudes to her boyfriend. The couple confronted some harmless kid thinking him to be her boyfriend.
But they realized it was the school janitor who was having affair with Lizzy. Pete and Ellie assaulted him and put him to jail for child abuse.

After that, the mother of the children came back from the jail. Lizzy made her file for the custody of the children. Lizzy’s brother and sister, wanted to stay with Pete and Ellie though.


Pete and Ellie got frustrated because of the situation. They went to meet the parents of a foster child. The speech of these parents made Pete and Ellie go for adaption. The parents helped them to realize the situation.


Soon, it was the day when the the children was supposed to move with their biological mom. But the mother didn’t show up on the mentioned day. The mother felt it too be big commitment. And she was not ready for it. She said to Karen and Sharon that she was not ready for the commitment. Lizzy was broken. But Pete and Ellie comforted her.

Three months later there was another hearing for custody. Finally, Pete and Ellie got the custody of the three children.

Instant Family
Instant Family

Not only the movie was emotional but also funny. As the performances was good therefore the movie was entertaining. In conclusion a good movie to watch.

Casts of Instant Family

Mark Wahlberg as Pete Wagner.
Rose Byrne as Ellie Wagner.
Isabela Moner as Lizzy Viara.
Gustavo Quiroz as Juan Viara.
Julianna Gamiz as Lita Viara.
Octavia Spencer as Karen

Crew of Instant Family

Directed by Sean Anders
Produced by
Sean Anders
Stephen Levinson
John Morris
Mark Wahlberg
Screenplay by
Sean Anders
John Morris
Music by Michael Andrews
Cinematography Brett Pawlak
Edited by Brad Wilhite
Production Company
Closest to the Hole Productions
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
November 16, 2018
Running time
118 minutes
Country United States
Language English

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